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Submitted on
February 8, 2010



The Last Airbender 30 seconds trailer has premiered last week on the web and this weekend during the Superbowl.…

Still no sign of Admiral Zhao; the mystery of his look is still complete!

Just to remind you: This contest is all about movie!Zhao
Try and figure out what live action Zhao will look like, what he will wear (live action Agni Kai scene...does Aasif Mandvi have any abs?).
It could also be animation serie Zhao reacting to this desecration of his image.
Or maybe he'll actually like it, depending how he'll be portrayed.

First place entry will get the extremely rare prototype of the Firelord Ozai toy, plus a copy of Water Tribe. The whole story was printed in two books and contains all the pages submitted in the club.

Second place entry also gets the Water Tribe books plus rare Avatar metal pins of the four nations.

Third place entry gets the Water Tribe books.

Wishing you all best of luck and have fun!

:flame: NEW DEADLINE! :flame:

The original deadline was February 14, but HAS BEEN PUSHED TO FEB. 15TH!
Admiral Zhao cares nothing for Valentine day, unless all adoration is focused on him.  Still he realises that most people lose their time with such frivolities as romance and mushy feelings. He'll let you have your heart shaped box full of chocolate day* while he's busy trying to win a war.

Once again, the deadline is FEB. 15TH!!!

*He will not frown at chocolate cakes sent his way.
:star: :star: :star:
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tamalero Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what about FRUIT CAKES? XD
rufftoon Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010
I think we all remember how well THAT went last time.
Pretty-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Most people seem to agree that the firebender trying to toast the
cabbage merchant could be Zhao. That said, I'm not a Mandvi expert.
rufftoon Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010
I've heard pros and cons. I'm no Mandvi expert either, so hopefully the upcoming 2 minute trailer will give us a 100% positive identification very soon.
Pretty-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Perhaps they'll also release some more promo posters. If everything fails we need to find a Mandvi expert! :la:
Kylogram Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh man! I forgot about this, I am totally going to work on this now...
Invadrk Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010
This is one of those times where I wish I could draw! D:
Can we BUY the Water Tribe book somewhere, or does that ruin the nature of the contest? >_> (I already have the action figure, although I don't know if it's the "OMT super special" one!)
rufftoon Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010
Oooh, what would be the "OMT Super Special" one?
All I have is the prototype, unpainted.
Invadrk Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
I didn't know if there WAS a "OMT Super Special" one. I have the Walmart Zhao from season one (this one! [link]). I had just assumed that there was an even special-er one that I had not been able to get my hands on. ^_^
rufftoon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
No other Zhao exists on the market, though an Agni Kai Zhao does exist as prototype.
(I need to say again that the prize is an Ozai, not a Zhao figurine).
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