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November 1, 2007


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NEW CONTEST! and other stuff

So theres been a few changes around here, ShuiYue was kind enough to buy the club a 3 month subscription so damn folks we are going to abuse this subscription like no other! New header and everything, which is just me drawing over a screencap from that from forever ago so thats why it probably looks familiar. What else should we do with this sub? Other than feel awesome? Post any suggestions in this journal if you have 'em.

Also, we're having another contest! That's right! The subject of the new contest will be [insert drumroll]: Young Zhao!! Haha, thats his entire youth to pick apart and make horrible situations from! Draw, write, sculpt, whatever: just as long as you show some significant moment from Zhao's childhood!

The main prize (either a 3 month sub or a drawing from me) will go to the picture with the best concept, but! rufftoon was kind enough to donate three copies of the recent Nickelodeon Avatar magazine as well, so there will be a popular prize and maybe runner ups? I guess I'll clarify that later after I get a sense of how many submissions there will be. Anyways its not about the prize, right guys? Its about celebrating this dead-ass character that is only receiving any interest because we are so awesome all the damn time. However if you'd like to donate a prize feel free to note the club!

Contest will start today and end... how about Halloween? Thats as good a date as any and anyways who likes a contest that goes on for like, months?

Also! If you take a look at the links under the header, you'll notice we now have our own chatroom! I have no idea how that works (which is scary because I set it up) so comment here if its like fucked up or whatever so I can fix it. Thanks very much to Silverene for the suggestion to make one, does anyone have a suggestions for a good time for us all to sit down and chat it up?

Anyways... keep on submitting!!! XD

:new:Contest Update!:new:
So the contest is over! Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys are awesome XD We're going to do the voting-through-noting thing that we did for the last contest, so that'll be in your inbox sometime tomorrow!

Also the club was apparently hacked by a certain person whom I am regretting giving mod access to this page >:  What can I say, thats just the sort of action that we'd expect a lowly water tribe dickface to sink to.

Retribution to occur shortly.


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:flame: THE CLUB :flame:

If you are a fan of Admiral Zhao from the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender, then this is the club for you! If you hate him and want him to fall into a wagon of poo like in Back to the Future, then this is also the place for you! Even if you're just a fan of the show and like joining stuff so you can put your icon all over the place, come on in! If you are a fan of differential equations, get the hell out.

:flame:JOINING :flame:

Not so hard, all you have to do is note me and you will be in the club. You don't have to slap the club on your page or anything, but feel free if you wish. Members can submit their art to the site and win fabulous prizes (no purchase necessary)!

:flame: SUBMITTING WORK :flame:

The best part is you get to pimp your art all over Deviantart. Anything related to our favorite asshole, including hate art, is allowed. Nothing slashy though, we have class. Once you're a member, just note the club and it will get posted.


You just shut your damn mouth.

:flame: RANDOM GALLERY PICKS :flame:
REMATCH by Booter-Freak Kissy by Isaia by NoSelfControl Ghost Zhao by tammalee
:thumb44885446: Hair Envy by AmandaTurnage School Time Zhao by Rescued

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Zhao Lives Stamp by NoSelfControl<div>
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TheHahnShow Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Whatever. Choi knew what I meant.
NoSelfControl Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
Yeah I know >:B
TheHahnShow Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
tammalee Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So awesome!
Young Zhao... so many possibilities...
sylvacoer Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this might actually get me off my ass and contribute something to the club... ^^;
Pretty-Angel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Wohoo! Great news. Hope there'll be some club meetings in chat. :D

Btw: Almost reached 40k pageviews! :dance:
AmandaTurnage Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Student General Artist
contteeeesstt. Time to move up in the ranks! XD
kingmukatan Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
YAY!! new contest!!:D
Kursunada Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
You run the best club in the world!

Seriously, because somehow you manage to get everyone crazy and active about how awesome Zhao is, provide cool prizes, and enjoy cake at the same time!

Yeah, but this club isn't about you, is it?

It's strange how Zhao managed to "reincarnate" himself in every episode of the third season so far with every dude that has sideburns. XD
NoSelfControl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
Aww... well this club wouldn' t be nothin' without the glory that is Zhao (and also the glory that is cake)... man if only there was some way for the prize to be like, a cake or something XD haha

Oh yeah srsly, its sad being so hopeful that Zhao is going to come traipsing back and its just some random fire nation dude with sideburns :C
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