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:flame: QUITE RLY :flame:

What is this treachery? A new contest? Yes you heard right!! And the theme shall be:

:flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame: ALTERNATE ZHAO :flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame:

'What the hell does that mean" you may probably be asking yourself. Well, there are quite a few alternate reality/ alternate future or whatever storylines floating around DA, and the internet in general. Now's your chance to get in on the action! Put Zhao in some alternate situation of your choosing, and make it interesting! As a child? That works! As an angsty emo teen? Sure! Old guy living in a bus down by the river? Go for it! Zombie? ... uh...

Anyways, drawings, writing, sculpture; however you want to express yourself is just fine. The contest ends on May 31st, so you have a bit over a month to get your crap together and make a nice piece.

As for prizes, how do people feel about iTunes moneys? Its easy to get to the winner quickly, and can be used to purchase Avatar eps... I'm thinking about a $10 iTunes prize and a colored sketch from me? Is that incentive enough for all y'alls? I'm also going to enforce that no previous winners can get the 1st prize, since we have a lot of members and everyone should have a shot at winning :D

Anyways, note me if you have any questions or to submit! You have over a month so get going!

1.… by nesseggman
2.… by rufftoon
3.… by tammalee
4.… by flederschatten
5.… by Booter-Freak
6.… by YukiBlueSnow
7.… by My-Fangirlisms-and-u
8.… by foxysquid

:new: Thanks everyone! :new:
Another great contest, a round of internets applause for all who entered! The winner is :iconmy-fangirlisms-and-u: with her entry,…. Both myself and a Zhao-impartial (weird, I know) agreed that her concept was both very original and thoughtful! Congratulations, My-Fangirlisms-and-u!

:heart: :heart: :heart:


For those of you who were unaware of rufftoon's LJ and that there is a Zhao alternate future, feast your eyes on this!…


:flame: DEAD ONE YEAR??
Nevar forget :(


:flame: THE CLUB
If you are a fan of Admiral Zhao from the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender, then this is the club for you! If you hate him and want him to fall into a wagon of poo like in Back to the Future, then this is also the place for you! Even if you're just a fan of the show and like joining stuff so you can put your icon all over the place, come on in! If you are a fan of differential equations, get the hell out.


:flame: JOINING
Not so hard, all you have to do is note me and you will be in the club. You don't have to slap the club on your page or anything, but feel free if you wish. Members can submit their art to the site and win fabulous prizes (no purchase necessary)!


The best part is you get to pimp your shit all over Deviantart. Anything related to our favorite asshole, including hate art, is allowed. Nothing slashy though, we have class. Once you're a member, just note the club and it will get posted.


You just shut your damn mouth.



:flame: MEMBERS!!!!
:iconyamiza: :iconshadow-hedgehog: :iconisaia: :icondawnelainedarkwood: :iconbooter-freak: :iconnesseggman: :iconmysticalmidnight27: :iconsailorpretty: :iconavatarmirai: :iconkohiko: :iconwainwright-chan: :iconbbh: :iconkyuujutsuka: :icongenmari: :iconlanshen: :iconlydja-chan: :iconpat-flip: :iconkaimingdabimuyu: :iconpico-the-great: :iconmouse16: :iconmindsend: :iconnightstorm: :iconshrike85: :iconsinsia: :iconred-spirit: :iconavatarlieselle: :iconclocksausie: :iconclaustrophobicx: :iconelmoshine: :iconawapuhi: :iconyami0204: :iconriparian: :icondoozigitis: :iconzvko: :iconcreatedpoetry: :iconannalucha: :iconrufftoon: :iconrescued: :iconavatarfreak09: :icona-iccara: :iconbrikatro: :iconlocker-elf: :icondorkypaperclip: :iconellie182: :iconcedarwolf22: :iconkaitiedid: :iconloveroftheflame: :iconshuiyue: :iconhead-spin: :iconacedroid: :iconmegam4n: :iconfoxysquid: :iconrustygrass33: :icontammalee: :iconamandaturnage: :iconvioletanthonyx: :iconkrispina-the-derp: :iconyukibluesnow: :iconwashichiisai: :iconmolly-echidna: :icongauffin: :icontwilight--nyx: :iconkiwimarine: :icondragnclaw: :iconethereal-glutton: :iconkursunada: :iconmisslestrangex: :iconoctobersflame: :iconxxdefyinggravityxx: :iconmystic1378: :iconthequenchiest: :iconaruma-neko: :iconbotheringsnape: :iconeternallymenstrual: :iconevilddragonqueen: :iconmarazula: :iconangiedunn: :iconjenni0: :iconturtlesensei: :iconcrazy-opossum: :iconmikimiki: :iconmy-fangirlisms-and-u: :iconmitsuri: :iconflederschatten: :iconkateison: :iconjoan-kagami: :iconsractheninja: :iconprincessritaofhyrule:


:flame: AFFILIATES!!!!
:iconzuko-katara: :iconkatiroh-fans: :iconfirenationclub: :iconavatar-fan: :iconavatar-tla: :iconjeongjeongfans: :iconazula-fans: :iconavatar-fanclub: :iconirohs-tea-time: :iconavatarslash: :iconfrothersfans: :iconmomo-fanclub: :iconzutara-fans: :iconall-out-avatar: :iconfire-nation: :iconlongshot-fangirls: :icontoko-fans: :iconlakelaogai: :iconshirtless-jet: :iconunknowsoldiers: :iconthehahnshow: :iconavataroc: :iconzuko-x-azula-club: :iconcomedybenders:
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June 5, 2007